After-school club and activities

Wonderland Academy is a school that provides daily education and facilities to its students even after the traditional school hours. The after-school club is open until 5:30pm after school and until 4:30pm on Fridays.

Students can choose from more than 20 clubs with different focuses. The program is designed to give students the opportunity to alternate between sports, creative, educational and recreational activities.

Healthy meals

Love passes through the stomach from the morning snack, lunch to the afternoon snack. At Wonderland Academy, we strive to provide a varied and balanced diet for our students that meets modern nutritional requirements. We cooperate with the Czech company Ekolandia.

The food is prepared exclusively from fresh ingredients. Everything is cooked early in the morning or the chefs use the sous vide method - overnight long cooking at a low temperature to keep the meat juicy and preserve the minerals and vitamins in the food. The menu is created in collaboration with a nutritional therapist. Gluten, egg or dairy free options are also included.


Pupils who attend Wonderland Academy wear their school uniform to school and to events organised by it.

These are three categories of clothing supplied by the Czech company Rutex, which meet all the important requirements for aesthetics, functionality and material composition suitable for children's clothing:

  • ceremonial uniform
  • standard uniform
  • uniform for physical activity

Drop off by school bus

We can provide transportation for the children to our school bus according to individual agreement. The bus is equipped with seat belts and child car seats.

We cannot guarantee transport in advance. It depends on the time available according to the route and destination.