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Návštěva sv. Mikuláše

Dnes nás potěšila návštěva Mikuláše a jeho věrného Anděla v naší školce! Mikuláš s Andělem přinesli nejen sladké odměny, ale také radost a teplo do

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Krabice od bot

I letos jsme se s radostí přidali k krásné charitativní akci „Krabice od bot“. Je pro nás vždy ctí pomáhat dětem, které neměly to štěstí,

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Our preschools are in Prague 4 and Prague 11 in the following districts: Háje, Hrnčíře and Libuš. 

All our branches use the latest teaching methods and are well equipped with modern resources.

Preschool with proven teaching methods

We offer teaching in English, Czech and a combination of both. We contribute to helping the environment through the use of organic food, environmental programs, and eco-friendly products. We provide a summer program (lasting the duration of the holidays) and offer a wide variety of clubs. In order to develop the individuality of each child we accept them as they are, recognize them as individuals, listen to them and encourage them to develop their full potential. Children's developmental aptitudes and capacities require the application of appropriate methods and forms of teaching in pre-school education.

Experience-based and cooperative learning through play with children's activities based on the child's direct experiences foster the child's curiosity and need to explore. This stimulates the child's joy of learning and their interest in discovering new things, which helps them gain experience and master other skills. Education should take advantage of the natural flow of children's thoughts and spontaneous ideas and give the child enough space for spontaneous activities and plans. Learning activities should therefore take the form primarily of non-committal play in which the child engages based on his or her own interest and choice.

Situational learning is based on the creation and use of situations that provide the child with easy-to-understand, practical examples of real-life situations, so that the child learns skills and knowledge when they need them and better understands their meaning.

Spontaneous social learningis based on the principle of natural imitation. Therefore, in all activities and situations that occur during the day in preschool, not only in didactically oriented activities, it is necessary to provide the child with models of behavior and attitudes that are suitable for imitation and acquisition.

Children's play and creative dramatics is another important method that is based primarily on the principle of play and experience.

Incorporating some of the principles of Montessori pedagogy, for example, hands-on work is the basis for understanding things and phenomena and for the development of reasoning and speech. It is important to link physical and mental activities throughout each learning experience. It is also important to be hands-on and in direct contact with things when acquiring new knowledge. The child is the creator of themselves. They have a decisive influence on their development. Through their "programming" and their activities, they participate to the greatest extent in shaping themselves. Although the child is in contact with the environment from which they take their cues, and they are also influenced by the people in their immediate environment. They themselves determine which cues will influence their actions, in what way and when. The absorbent mind is a wonderful gift which every child comes into the world with. Without conscious effort, purely by "living", the child absorbs like a sponge everything that surrounds them, quite naturally without blocks and inhibitions. This unique quality also allows the child, for example, to learn something as complex as language.

Preschool as a second home for your children

The preschool is equipped with tasteful children's furniture and accessories to make the children feel relaxed and comfortable. We have carefully selected teaching materials appropriate for the children's age group. The toys are safe, educational, and fun. There is also a wide selection of books and teaching aids.

The staff of our preschool supports children in socialization, communication development, empathy, and many other important aspects. Wonderland preschool is here for all children whose parents care about preschool education. We are a preschool that provides children with elementary skills and develops them in all aspects, including teaching them fundamental social and hygiene practices. We utilize the natural curiosity of children to teach new knowledge in the form of games, songs, books, etc.

We offer a spacious garden with a sandpit, climbing frame, slide, jungle gym, trampoline, merry-go-rounds, bouncers, and many other garden toys. 

Our preschool has cozy and modern playrooms, classrooms, and beautifully equipped gardens. A wide range of teaching aids and toys to suit the age and needs of the children are commonplace. Children are given the opportunity to use educational toys of various levels and the classrooms are well equipped with art materials for daily use.

Our locations


Wonderland – Háje


Wonderland – Hrnčíře


Wonderland – Libuš

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