Projects in which we participate

We are involved in the following European Union projects:

The project is focused on the education of teaching staff, the support of joint education of children and the development of cooperation with parents of pupils. The activities of the project contribute positively to the strengthening of equal opportunities and non-discrimination by supporting the joint education of pupils, through the support of the school's teaching staff. It will make it possible to develop a motivating culture of learning focused on maximum success for every student and teacher and will support the continuous pedagogical development of the entire school. Teachers involved in project activities will acquire skills for new work methods that will enable them to work more efficiently.

The aim of the project is to increase the collective ability to improve the results of children and pupils and to support professional communities of educators.

Cambridge English Qualifications

Wonderland Academy elementary school has been systematically preparing its students for the Cambridge language exams for a long time. Based on the high number of pupils with successful results, we have been granted permission to use the Cambridge English Qualifications logo since the 2018/2019 school year.

Project description:

The project is focused on direct support of children with a different mother language and their parents/legal representatives, project teaching, community activities and support of an inclusive school environment.

Fraus partner school

Since September 2016, we have been teaching almost all subjects according to textbooks from the Fraus Publishing House, which is how we earned the title Fraus Publishing House Partner School.

The Fraus Publishing House is the largest textbook publishing house in the Czech Republic. It is also among the biggest promoters of interactive teaching and the introduction of new teaching methods into schools in the Czech Republic. In addition to the textbooks, we have also purchased i-textbooks that can be projected on interactive whiteboards and that offer various educational multimedia. Through the partnership, our school receives various benefits, for example, sending samples of new textbooks for free, professional consultations with the publishing staff directly at the school, educational seminars for teachers, competitions for valuable prizes, free textbook borrowing and many others.

O2 Foundation "Internet safely"

ZŠ Wonderland Academy became a grant school of the O2 Foundation. The "Safe Internet" school project, which is aimed at educating pupils in the field of internet security, supported by the O2 Smart School programme.

O2 Chytrá škola 2019/2020 - Základní a mateřská škola Baška


Our school cooperates with CEWE FOTOLAB in school events and various activities.

BENU Pharmacy

Our school cooperates with the Benu pharmacy in equipping the school first aid kits.

Support of the ČEZ Foundation - Orange multi-purpose playground

In the 2016/2017 school year, a new multi-purpose playground was built in the school garden. Pupils will use it in physical education lessons, as part of afternoon clubs and activities. The pitch will also be available to the general public. The project was implemented by the Wonderland Schools Foundation with the support of the ČEZ Foundation. Nadace ČEZ.

Certifikát o kompenzaci Co2

Naše škola svou účastí v programu Clean Advantage v roce 2023 zmírnila uhlíkovou stopu svého vozového parku kompenzací až 8 823.96 CO2.