Inline skating

4.6. - 8.6. was Inline skating

Children's Day

1.6.2018 Children's Day

Devil and Káča

11.6. 2018 Opera Devil and Káča

Multiday trip

18.6. - 22.6. 2018 Multiday trip

Summer Concert

26.6.2018 Summer concert


28.5.2018 Theatre - Animals and robbers

Physiotherapy exam

21.5.2018 - Hrnčíře - 25.5.2018 - Háje, Libuš

Project - Family Science - Hrnčíře

Dear Wonderland Parents, We would like to introduce you our new project: FAMILY SCIENCE

Sleepover - Hrnčíře

17.8. the children can sleep at school

Dental prevention

11.5.2018 - Háje, Libuš - 14.5.2018 - Hrnčíře

Eye screening

Our Wonderland Pre-school is every year actively involved in the project of Preventive eye screening examination. This is a totally unique way of preventing defects in vision of preschool children.

Gardening day

23.4.2018 we will be gardening

Picture taking

we will have a picture days: 17.4. - Hrnčíře, 19.4. - Háje, 20.4. - Libuš

Salt Cave

9.4.2018 we visited the salt cave.

Book week

3.4.-6.4.2018 We believe that books should play an important part in your child's life and that is also a reason why we would like to celebrate books with a special „Book week“.

Easter Holiday

29.3.-2.4.2018 Easter Holiday

Easter workshop

28.3. will be Easter workshop

Skating course

12.3.2018 started Ice skating course

Salt Cave

5.3.2018 salt cave

Ballet prep

February 26, 2018 HOORAY TO THE OPERA Ballet prep