4.-5.10. fotografování na pobočce Libuš 18.-19.10. fotografování na pobočce Hrnčíře 19.-20.10. fotografování na pobočce Háje

Inline skating

4.6. - 8.6. was Inline skating

Children's Day

1.6.2018 Children's Day

Devil and Káča

11.6. 2018 Opera Devil and Káča

Multiday trip

18.6. - 22.6. 2018 Multiday trip

Summer Concert

26.6.2018 Summer concert


28.5.2018 Theatre - Animals and robbers

Physiotherapy exam

21.5.2018 - Hrnčíře - 25.5.2018 - Háje, Libuš

Project - Family Science - Hrnčíře

Dear Wonderland Parents, We would like to introduce you our new project: FAMILY SCIENCE

Sleepover - Hrnčíře

17.8. the children can sleep at school

Dental prevention

11.5.2018 - Háje, Libuš - 14.5.2018 - Hrnčíře

Eye screening

Our Wonderland Pre-school is every year actively involved in the project of Preventive eye screening examination. This is a totally unique way of preventing defects in vision of preschool children.

Gardening day

23.4.2018 we will be gardening

Picture taking

we will have a picture days: 17.4. - Hrnčíře, 19.4. - Háje, 20.4. - Libuš

Salt Cave

9.4.2018 we visited the salt cave.

Book week

3.4.-6.4.2018 We believe that books should play an important part in your child's life and that is also a reason why we would like to celebrate books with a special „Book week“.

Easter Holiday

29.3.-2.4.2018 Easter Holiday

Easter workshop

28.3. will be Easter workshop

Skating course

12.3.2018 started Ice skating course

Salt Cave

5.3.2018 salt cave