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    Iveta and Štěpán Šlosárovi


    In January 2016, our son Stepan joined the 2nd year in Wonderland Academy, where we are extremely happy :-) From the first moment we met with Mrs. Pavla and Sarka we knew we were on the same note. Their hearty and professional approach to the school, the whole school team, but especially to children themselves, convinced us that we are at the right place. We appreciate that the school offers two foreign languages, an individual approach in small classes and many school and extracurricular activities. The knowledge and satisfaction that our son Stepan, who goes to school every day with such enthusiasm, is for us an every day confirmation of the correct decision for Wonderland.

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    Federico Galvis

    Teacher of Spanish

    Working in Wonderland Academy has been a great experience. Every day I can feel the happiness of my students since the morning till the time they have to go back home. They are learning a lot and they are having such a great time, that none of them wants to leave and wait for the next day to be again at Wonderland with their friends and teachers. In my opinion this is the best way of learning: to have a positive atmosphere, where everyone is friendly, respectful and eager to learn. And this is what we live daily in Wonderland.

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    Alenka Nováková

    Primary School Teacher

    The first thing that touched me when I first visited this school was the open and friendly atmosphere that prevails here. As a teacher, I like the fact that innovative teaching methods, which aim to develop each child individually, are applied in this school. It is a joy to work here with children on developing their skills and knowledge.

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    Dear Pavla, let me inform you that we will relocate to Poland at the end.

    I was well impressed with your school, its friendly and professional approach towards kids. I have seen few schools during our stay in Prague, and Wonderland was the best. Your school would be my first and only choice.

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    Monika Crhová

    Teacher of German

    I have got a lot of fond memories in Wonderland Academy. Children are brought up and educated here with love and respect for their individual needs. The whole school has a family character. Parents and teachers cooperate and thus participates together to create just that unique atmosphere for which I will always remember Wonderland Academy. In the end, you can just look at children and you will know that you are at the right place.

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    paní Molková

    (Vanesa’s nanny)

    W.A. ... for me is the absolute number one school where children go in the morning without coercion and with a smile. Collecting them to take them home on the other hand, often (especially in the first few days), they are in tears or with questions such as "Why are you coming so soon?" or "Why do I have to go home?". "Please, can I stay here?" .... Needless to say, for adults it is a very nice place too… a team of teachers and other employees, who are always ready to listen and help, in the mornings they welcome us with a smile. The children communicate without fear with both the teachers and the director, Miss Sarka, or Miss Pavla, the founder of the school. The way the children are taught is amazing. The children are taken as partners, they can always express what they think, they are guided to respect and tolerance, the children are independent, happy, learning is not a burden for them but a real pleasure, they want to learn and know new things .... There is no bell, the children go outside during the morning break ... To all hesitant parents, I would like to say that this school is the right place for your children, you will not regret it.

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Fraus publishing

1st of September 2016, the publishing Fraus visited our the first school day. Photos and a short report about us are on their facebook page.

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In Šeberov newsletter written several times about our school.