Our team

Pavla Hajian
Founder ZŠ Wonderland Academy

Pavla Hajian has invaluable experience from her previous position of an owner and director of a London’s preschool in the Ealing district. She has many years of experience teaching at international schools and preschools. She is also a mother of five children. Miss Hajian achieved a DPP Certificate (Diploma in Pre-school Practice) and she successfully completed CACHE Level 3 NVQ in Early Years and Education.


She is also a qualified Montessori Teacher. Our director closely participates in everyday learning programmes and she personally ensures that all school activities are of the highest standard throughout the curriculum.

Jan Voda
Director ZŠ Wonderland Academy

PhDr. Jan Voda Ph.D. has a total of 25 years of experience as a teacher, activity leader, lecturer, a parent, and a pedagogical leader. He graduated from Charles University in Prague having studied teaching at all levels, including higher education. For 15 years he worked in a managerial position, first in a state school and then in a private school. He is a graduate of a long line of continuing education courses and a teacher of others. He is a two-time finalist of the Global Teacher Prize for the Czech Republic at the Global Teacher Forum (Seattle 2015, Singapore 2018) and a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. The biggest lesson of life for him has been raising his two children. Hundreds of other children have been through his hands, and even after years warmly remember him. He is an advocate, promoter and pioneer of pedagogical innovation and believes that nothing is impossible, that anyone can what they really want.

Klára Kosová
Deputy Director for Administration, Class Teacher 8 th A grade, Czech language

Klára Kosová studied at the Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. She graduated in Czech Language and Physical Education. She has experience in teaching at all three school levels. She worked as the Class 3 teacher at a primary school with extended physical education and has also taught ice skating lessons and swimming. She participated in the children's summer and winter camps as a group or sports leader for many years. When working with the youngest school children, she especially enjoys their high degree of imagination, natural curiosity and straightforward view of the world.


Klára gained experience with preschool children during a two-year stay in Munich, where she worked as an au-pair and helped in a kindergarten. She has three children herself. To recover her energy, Klára turns nature. She loves mountains in all seasons, whether skiing in winter or hiking in summer.

Šárka Ochmanová
Deputy Director, Class Teacher 3rd A grade

Šárka Ochmanová graduated from the Faculty of Education focused on elementary education in Ostrava. She loves her profession and she still enjoys teaching. She is not a supporter of rigid and old school methods of teaching. She focuses on themes that are interesting for the pupils and enrich the lessons. “During the teaching lessons, the most important factors are not methods, textbooks or classroom equipment, but the personality of the teacher,” she says.


Her advantage is that in addition to the Czech public education system she has experience with educational systems in many other countries. She gained the experience as a parent during her 2 year stay in USA and as a teacher and deputy principal at private elementary school in Prague. She was responsible for organizing linguistic study visits in UK and Spain. She had the opportunity to learn about the system of teaching in Steve Jobs schools in the Netherlands and in the UK, including real-time use of iPads during the teaching process supported directly by Apple. In January 2016 she attended BETT in London – the largest European ICT fair in education. On the other hand, after her experience with mathematics of professor Hejný she thinks that we can be proud on Czech education as well.

She is used to work with the school psychologist to eliminate risk factors such as dysfunction of learning, problem behavior, bullying, etc. Her goal is always the overall development of pupils and their education as preparation for future life.

Barbora Hanková
Special Educational Needs Teacher

Barbora is a graduate of special pedagogy in Prague. She participated in many professional internships during her studies, for example in a Day care Center for disabled children.

Later, she started working as a teacher at a Primary school in Prague 2. She likes to teach children with specific educational needs.

In Spare time she enjoys her time with the family.

Filip Novák
Class Teacher 6th A grade, Mathematics, Physics

Graduate of the University of Economics in Prague in the field of business economics and management (bachelor's study). Even before he started his studies, his positive attitude towards mathematics led him to establish a still functioning project system of preparations for entrance exams and graduation exams. During his studies, he gained practical knowledge of marketing during internships.

He applied all his knowledge during teaching at the primary school in Týnec nad Sázavou, where he started his pedagogical mission and in the last year he passed certified courses for cooperation with a teaching assistant, pupils with SEN and foreigners. He worked with schools and companies on the implementation of Office 365, on the development and design of websites, he also worked as an IT coordinator.

After working hours, he focuses on the development of education in the region in cooperation with non-profit organizations and the development of the municipality in the settlement committee. In his free time, he enjoys sports, conquering mountain peaks and traveling the world with a positive attitude towards nature.

Adrienne Eberhart
Deputy Director for English Studies - Primary school

Adrienne Eberhart was born in Washington, D.C. and has lived in Prague for 13 years. During this time she has worked as a preschool teacher, an elementary school teacher, and a TEFL trainer. Adrienne studied at George Mason University where she received a Bachelors Degree in International Relations and Biology.

After graduating university, Adrienne travelled around Europe and realized how much she wanted to make the continent home. Prague was the perfect place to settle after completing her TEFL course. She enjoys helping children become comfortable with a language and grow more confident as they improve.

Outside of school, Adrienne really enjoys art and creative hobbies, cooking, reading, playing volleyball, cycling, or exploring the Czech countryside and forests with her dog.

Nicholas Jared Neild
Deputy Director of English Studies for the Secondary School

Nick Neild graduated in 2009 from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with a focus on microbiology. During and after his studies, he worked for eight years as a biotechnology scientist in San Diego. In 2012, he became the manager of a community of young trainees, which he founded with his future wife, who comes from the Czech Republic. In 2013, he began working as a wellness coach and assisted young adults in rehabilitation centers.

He began his teaching career in 2015. He taught emotional intelligence and basic skills to recently released adult prisoners so they could pass the tests for high school equivalency. In 2018 he moved with his family to the Czech Republic and began teaching at Be Open sro. Since then, he's taught at Wonderland Academy for two years as the head of the English department.


Nick enjoys meditating, camping, hiking, biking, snowboarding, gardening, playing board games, and spending time with his family. He is proud to be a member of the Wonderland team and to work with others to provide an inspiring environment for students.

Karolína Kocourková
Head of Afternoon Club and of Afternoon Activities

Karolína Kocourková comes from the Eagle Mountains. After graduating from high school in Žamberk, she decided to join the University of Hradec Králové, majoring in Primary School Teaching. After two years, she interrupted her studies and began studying special pedagogy at the Jan Amos Comenius University in Prague.

Working with children has been fulfilling her for fifteen years. Within the brigades, she worked as an animator, lifeguard, teacher of leisure activities for children and, last but not least, as a leader in children's camps. In her free time she tutors pupils with special needs.

Her hobbies include creative work and sports.

Zuzana Piškulová
Class Teacher 1st A grade

Zuzana Piškulová is originally from South Moravia. This year, she graduated from Palacký University with a degree in Primary School Teacher Training and Special Education. She comes from a teacher's family, which shaped her motivation to study and stay in the profession even after college.

She gained a positive attitude towards children during the year-round activities of the children's section, where she worked as a section leader and led the children to the values of scouting and woodcraft. He has been going with them to summer camps with them for 10 years, where most holidays always fall. During the year, Zuzana also goes with her children on weekends (also as a nurse), to outdoor schools and leads a singing group. More

She has other pedagogical experience from tutoring Czech and from the practice of a teaching assistant. Although Zuzana's special pedagogy is a minor subject, she studied empathy for the individual needs of each person. Zuzana also went through a "school of life" when she took part in the upbringing of her three brothers - she says that thanks to that she is "used to everything".

Klára Skopalová
Class Teacher 1st B grade

Klára Skopalová obtained her university degree at Palacký University in Olomouc in Primary School Teacher Training and Special Education. She comes to Wonderland from another school in Prague, where she previously worked as a class teacher in the 2nd grade. Klára attended seminars by Hejny method of teaching mathematics. She is also a fitness trainer. As a lecturer, she helped students to pass entrance exams to gymnasia and worked with pupils with dyslexia and dysgraphia. During her holidays, she was a tutor at a Science camp.

Stanislava Stašková
Class Teacher 2nd A grade

Stanislava Stašková graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University, majoring in Primary School Care. She has expanded her knowledge through postgraduate studies in special pedagogy and speech therapy. She has a long history in teaching children in primary school. She has also published their knowledge from studies when working with students with learning disabilities. In addition to classical procedures, she also utilizes alternative methodology.


She has expanded her work and managerial skills through several years of activities in the private sector. Which directly connects to the field of education. She strengthened her language skills with a long stay in Australia. But she has come back to her favorite profession. She is now looking forward to benefitting you at Wonderland Academy, where she will apply and expand her rich experience in education and upbringing of children.

In her free time, she is interested in floristry and gardening. She prefers a healthy lifestyle, travel, friendly relations and lifelong learning.

Adéla Vardžáková
Class Teacher 2nd B grade

Adéla studied at the Secondary Pedagogical School in Krnov, majoring in Preschool and Extracurricular Pedagogy. Thanks to this study, he masters several musical instruments. Later she graduated from the Primary School Teacher Training at the Faculty of Education of the University of Ostrava. She started her teaching career in kindergartens and later in primary school. Most recently, she worked at a private international kindergarten, where she worked with preschoolers. She completed various educational, sports and art courses. During her practice, she met Hejný's method and the Start Together program. She is currently a Czech teacher and educator of a seven-year-old girl in Florida.


She enjoys and fulfills the work of a teacher very much. She wants to be a partner for children and at the same time a role model. She believes that the key skill of a teacher is to see the good in his students.

In his free time she enjoys sports, travelling, psychology, nature, dancing and music.

Linda Samková
Class Teacher 3rd B grade

Linda Samková graduated from the Faculty of Education at the University of Education in Hradec Králové, majoring in primary school teaching. She expanded her education at the Faculty of Management and Information Technology at the University of Education in the field of Financial Management.


She started fulfilling her desire to work with children during her high school studies, where she helped lead extracurricular science classes in elementary schools. Her teaching career began with a three-year spell at the First Private Primary School in Hradec Králové. Subsequently, she worked at primary schools in Prague 10 and Prague 4. She also tested her teaching skills while working at a secondary vocational school. After a break of several years, which she spent working in the private sector, she returned to her original profession in 2019. She worked as an assistant pedagogue in Wonderland Preschool, where she cared for a boy with developmental dysphasia. At the same time, she was dedicated to the complete education of the other preschool children.

She has furthered her professional education with a course completion for assistant pedagogues. She has also completed seminars and courses in math education and the Hejny method, the Včelka project, and formative evaulations in education. Her interest to teach Czech as a foreign language was developed when she completed her studies in the Czech as a Second Language Education Program. In her free time, she like spending time in the countryside with her family, and sometimes at home with a good book.

Irena Havlíčková
Class Teacher 4th A grade, German Teacher

Irena Havlíčková graduated from teacher training for Elementary school with a specialization in German language at the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague. She took part in language and didactic courses at universities in Saarbrücken, Leipzig and České Budějovice. In Germany she also worked as a teacher of a language summer camp, as an assistant in Czech for foreigners and as an au-pair. She has been working with kids since the age of 16. During her studies, she coordinated events for children, led dancing courses and summer camps for kids from the age of two to 16.


Her classroom provides a friendly and stimulating environment, where children are not afraid of mistakes. She motivates children to learn with regard to their capabilities and needs. In the class, she uses hands-on learning and elements from the program Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking. She teaches Hejný-Math for which she has rich experiences not only at the primary school level. In the past, she became involved in the project Výchova k respektu a toleranci: od učitelů k dětem, where the handbook Dvanáct ověřených metod pro rozvoj kolegiální spolupráce was born (It won an award from the Museum of the Czech Literature).

She has been dancing since she was six. She likes hiking mountain peaks, inline skating and skiing. Currently, she is translating a fairy-tale into German.

Zuzana Faldýnová
Class Teacher 4th B grade

Zuzana Faldýnová graduated from Charles University in Prague, majoring in primary school with a specialization in art education. After the state exam, she went to England, where she studied at St. Petersburg Austel College for one semester.

She spent several years working at the primary school in Mníšek pod Brdy, where there are two classes of first-graders at hand for men, who led others to higher grades. She taught for 3 years in the Start Together program. She completed courses and training at DYSCENTER (graphomotorics, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, Maxík, Good Start Method). She likes to take part in teaching projects or activity centers, she prefers verbal assessment.

She runs summer camps and enjoys relaxing while running, doing yoga or cooking.

Jana Šperlová
Class Teacher 5th A grade

Jana graduated from a secondary pedagogical school in Most and is currently completing her university education - this autumn she is defending her bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Education of Charles University. She worked as a primary school teacher for 16 years, of which 3 years were at the Angel bilingual school and one year at the Park Lane international school. During her practice, she encountered modern teaching methods and completed a number of methodological courses as part of her further education. Among them, for example, intensive training in the method of prof. Hejný (mathematics), the Summer School program Start Together, reading skills development courses, student integration and much more.

Pavel Smetana
Class Teacher 5th B grade

Pavel Smetana is a graduate of Charles University with the specialization in teaching ethics and philosophy (2016). He also finished the doctoral study of philosophy at the same University (2020). Since 2016 he worked as a teacher of the first and second stages of an elementary school in Prague 6. He worked as an assistant of physically handicapped people four years before.

His teaching style is defined by peace, serenity, purposefulness and consistency.

At the personal level, he could be described in terms of responsibility, kindness and the orientation at benefits for other people. He speaks English and German. His hobbies are sport (cycling, running, skateboarding, snowboarding, paragliding), art and travelling.

Aneta Rolcová
Coordinator of language support, Czech teacher for foreigners

Aneta Rolcová was born in Prague and studied special pedagogy at Jan Amos Comenius University. A great life experience for her was a stay in Toronto, Canada, where she worked at an advertising agency and had the opportunity to star in a television commercial. After returning from Canada, she worked for 7 years at international primary schools in Prague, where she taught Czech to foreigners and also worked as a teacher's assistant. She also has experience in organizing birthday parties and corporate language teaching.

Her biggest passions are creative activities, especially painting and making jewelry from natural stones and, last but not least, her dog with whom she goes for long walks in the woods every day.

She likes to spend her free time traveling, getting to know new cultures and people.

Erica Yamane
English Teacher

Erica Yamane grew up in the mountainous countryside of West Virginia in the United States. After obtaining her BA in Arts and Japanese Studies, she moved to Japan to start her English teaching journey. She first taught ages 1~18 at an English school for 6 years. During her time there, she also taught exam classes and seminars, teacher training classes, and planned holiday events. After getting married in 2013, she became a primary school English teacher for 5th and 6th grade in Hiroshima District schools. Erica obtained her TEFL certificate in Hiroshima, Japan and, after moving to Ireland in 2017, her CELT certificate in Dublin. She moved to Prague in 2018 and taught English, Math and Cambridge Prep at Compass Primary School. She has been enjoying teaching English abroad for 13 years. More

At Wonderland, her aspiration is to see children grow into adults who are independent, responsible, and confident multi-lingual communicators by encouraging their curiosity, awakening their potential, and enriching their world.

Erica enjoys discovering new places and taking photos. She likes to experiment with new recipes both sweet and savory in her small kitchen. She also enjoys running around Prague in her free time.

Breanna Kato
English Teacher

Breanna Kato was born in Canada, on the west coast near Vancouver. She went to school there until after she graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2015. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Sociology with a minor in Communication through Dialogue. Shortly after graduation, she moved abroad to the Czech Republic where she obtained a TEFL certificated from The Language House. While in Prague, Breanna worked at various language schools teaching adults. She also had the unique experience of working with Gymnázium mezinárodních a veřejných vztahů Praha as their main native speaker for 2 years.

In 2016, Breanna moved from Prague to South Korea to teach and live. While in Korea she learned many things about teaching and working with young learners. She also enjoyed Korean culture and food such as learning to make dakgalbi (a spicy chicken dish) and wearing traditional Korean clothes.

Having just come back to Prague, she is happy to be a part of the Wonderland family and looks forward to helping everyone learn and grow with English.

Lauren Moghaddas
English Teacher

Lauren graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in natural sciences. She has been teaching English, math, chemistry, and biology for 4 years. She recently moved from the United States to the Czech Republic.

Lauren wants to challenge students and bring out their potential by encouraging them to have fun in class while learning. She is very excited to join the Wonderland staff and hopes to contribute to the education process as much as she can.

Gabrielle Garcia
English Teacher

Gabrielle Garcia was born and raised in the Philippines. She moved to the UAE to attend New York University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She then moved to Chicago, where she attended Northwestern University and received a master’s degree in speech language pathology. For the past four years, Gaby has been working with students of all ages as a licensed speech language pathologist in public schools in Chicago. While living in Chicago, she also obtained her TEFL certificate.

Jenny Jennifer Dickinson
English Teacher

Jenny Jennifer Dickinson was born in Miami, Florida and has lived in Prague for six years. During this time, she has taught young learners, teens, and adults. Jennifer graduated from Kennesaw State University in Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in English and History. She continued her post graduate studies at Oglethorpe State University in Atlanta where she studied elementary education. Jennifer later became an elementary school teacher and has taught First through Fifth grades in Atlanta and Abu Dhabi.


Jennifer loves to travel and visited Prague for the first time shortly after the Velvet Revolution. She fell in love with the city and returned many times. She decided to make Prague her home after receiving her TEFL training here. Jennifer has helped children and adults prepare for the Cambridge Exams. She has enjoyed working with children and teens in local Summer camps and has led afterschool STEM clubs for elementary children. She loves to find creative ways to lead children to discover and master new information and concepts.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys gardening on her balcony where she grows flowers, herbs, and tomatoes in the summer. She loves baking and cooking and trying out new recipes. Jennifer loves drawing, painting, and doing crafts at home and with her students. For exercise she takes her dog Sammy for long walks around the city.

Jessica Eylem
English Teacher

Jessica comes from the United States. She obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in English Literature from Bowling Green State University, in Ohio. She also has a TEFL certificate. She moved to the Czech Republic two years ago and worked as the native English speaker for a secondary school.

She likes board games, reading and cooking. She especially likes cooking Turkish food, as half of her family is from Northern Cyprus. She also enjoys going on nature trips and swimming.

Michael Bevevino
English Teacher

A native of upstate New York in the United States, Mike Bevevino has been living and teaching in Prague for the past two years. He graduated from Springfield College with a Bachelor of Arts in communications/sports journalism. He then earned a Master of Science in Education degree from The College of Saint Rose and a TEFL certification from The Language House TEFL in Prague. Before moving to Prague, Mike taught English at an all-boys’ private high school in New York. Since moving to Prague, he has been teaching business and general English courses to adults.

In his free time, Mike enjoys sports, traveling, writing, and keeping up with world affairs. He loves working with children and helping them to develop a love of English. He is thrilled to be a part of the Wonderland family!

Hanna Krassa
English Teacher

Adéla Bakosová
Spanish Teacher

She’s been passionate about languages all her life, during her studies she learned English, Spanish and French. At the university she went abroad to end up staying in sunny California for 2 years. Working with kids fulfills her and motivates her to keep getting better. She spends her free time doing sports, especially swimming and volleyball.

Arturo Ochoa
Spanish Teacher

Arturo was born in Machala, Ecuador. He studied Psycho-pedagogy in Quito, Ecuador and Social Development in Israel for four years. His first language is Spanish, but Arturo studied Portuguese in Lisbon, Italian in Turin and English in Johannesburg; now he is learning Czech.

He has several experiences with teaching and educational projects in Ecuador and Colombia. He worked for ten years in social development projects with youth and adolescents in Mozambique, Swaziland and Malawi. He has experience in the educational field, in socio-cultural development and in language teaching.

From his education, experience and formation, Arturo will be a great contribution to our school, to the group of teachers, to our children and to their families.

Veronika Šetková
German Teacher

Veronika Šetková is a native of Děčín. She moved to Prague in 2015 to attend the University of Economics. She graduated with a major in Arts Management and has decided to settle in Prague permanently.

She has been working with children since high school by organizing school events for lower secondary schools, teaching English, teaching German or participating in summer camps or childrens’ days. He is currently studying German at the Faculty of Education, Charles University.

She likes music (both classical and popular), theater, fine arts, travel and languages. She is currently learning Polish and playing the ukulele in her spare time.

Marek Lansdorf
Class Teacher 7 th A grade, Biology, Chemistry

Marek Lansdorf graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague, specializing in biology and health education. During his studies, he realized that it was a need to help more students who may have difficulties with the learning process. So, he decided to study special pedagogy with a focus on speech therapy at the same faculty.


During his studies, he gained experience in creating and applying prevention programs for primary and secondary schools. He achieved his greatest experience in teaching biology and health education at the Secondary Medical School in Prague and applied his knowledge of the study of speech therapy at the Prague Primary School of Speech Therapy.

He happily teaches biology in nature and likes to arouse curiosity in children. Feedback from students is very important to him and with it, he can constantly improve his teaching. He argues that the cornerstone of teaching is a safe classroom environment.

In his free time, he travels a lot (not only in the Czech Republic) and enjoys exploring the beauty of the natural world. He is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, enjoys rollerblading, reading and learning about culture and art.

Lýdia Timková
Geography, PE Teacher

Lýdia Timková is from Slovakia. She graduated from the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague, where she obtained her master's degree in geography and physical education. During her studies she had the opportunity to work with children and devoted herself to lead afternoon sports clubs in primary schools while working as a karate coach.


After graduating, she left for USA and Canada working as an au pair for two years. While exploring many foreign countries with different cultures, she also learned a variety of new knowledge and experiences in the field of education, changing her views of the world. She also tried out as a sports animator in Greece and completed a monthly trekking in Nepal under Mt. Everest.

After being away from home for a while she decided to come back to the Czech Republic and her desire to learn prevailed. With all of the knowledge she has gained from traveling, she is looking forward to enrich the teaching of geography and natural sciences to her students at the Wonderland Academy.

Olga Doubravová
History, Czech language

Olga Doubravová graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of Charles University of Bohemia also studying Czech Language, Literature and History. She studied the basics of psychology and journalism before the birth of her first daughter.

She started her work experience at elementary school Věra Čáslavská with a focus on expanded teaching of physical education and sport. She then moved to journalism, where she gradually became editor-in-chief. She contributed to various daily, weekly and monthly papers, held press conferences, prepared PR projects, acted as a Prague 6 spokesperson, and devoted herself to the auction of art in the gallery of modern art. She also took her life outside of Prague for a while, succumbed to the phenomenon of farmer markets and devoted herself to working with wood. An integral part of this business was the study of homeopathy and aromatherapy counseling.


She has maintained an interest in education and was prompted by the birth of her granddaughter to return to this area. She was worked at the Mosaic Montessori School before joining the Wonderland Academy. She prefers a kind approach to children and feedback and makes sure to give systematic individual care even in the small breaks between activities. She emphasizes the understanding of a child's feelings and the strengthening of confidence in one's own abilities. Her motto is: Only repeated success helps to overcome failure.

Tomáš Hořejš
Music Teacher

Tomáš has been teaching for many years. He graduated from Conservatory of Music (Deyl Conservatory) and is qualified for three instruments - guitar, flute and piano. In his life, he combined teaching with various professions. He devoted himself to acting, even as an author.He developed several scenarios for games for kindergarten children. His songs were never missing.

In his spare time, he composes music, he studies English, which he has mastered as a self-taught person, and can easily speak Italian. He likes to listen music, he is interested in philosophy and political science.

Josef Štefl
Secondary school Teacher, Physics

I am a graduate of the Math-Physics faculty at Charles University in Prague. His life was connected to numbers while studying astrophysics. He used his knowledge working as an analyst of large data files for companies trading on the stock market.

He helped children to individually manage their problems with math during his studies, and after, he led preparation courses for entrance examinations to high schools and universities. He is the leader of the financial literacy for children program at our schools. He is emphatic and able to forecast the needs and abilities of pupils.

Swimming is among his favorite sports. He also enjoys spending time with his two children.

Anděla Brandejsová
Teaching Assistant

Anděla was born in Prague, in the Czech Republic. She graduated from a secondary pedagogical school. After high school, she began studying Primary School Teacher Training at the J.E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. In the third semester she took a year-long break from her studies, but she will continue from September.

She enjoys working with children so that she cannot imagine working in another field. She has experience with assistance, working in the after- school club, as well as teaching in the secondary school.

In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga or spending time with friends and her family.

Michaela Strnadová
Teaching Assistant

Michaela Strnadová comes from Prague and graduated from a secondary vocational school of pedagogy, majoring in preschool and extracurricular pedagogy. She worked with children already during her studies, for example as a teacher in a children's group, an English tutor or a coach of children in sports training.

Her hobbies include music, especially piano and singing. In her free time she enjoys various sports activities, nature trips and reading.

Lenka Kovářová
Teaching Assistant

Lenka was born in Chomutov, where she graduated with a degree in Tourism. After successfully graduating from high school, she moved to Prague, where she worked in the tourism field and babysat in her free time. In these moments, Lenka then realized, for the first time, that she enjoys working with children and it is more meaningful to her.

Lenka's greatest life experience is, of course, her own two children. She is required to work harder with her daughter, as she has a speech defect called "Developmental Dysphasia". This experience motivated Lenka to study special pedagogy, during which, she successfully participated in the Healthcare of Recovery Events Course at the same time.

After a year of working at Wonderland preschool where she has cared for children with ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorder, She become a member of the Wonderland Academy.Lenka is going to continue to further her studies within the field of education, because, as she says, she is most fulfilled in life when working with children.

Petra Chramostová
Teaching Assistant

Petra was born in Prague. She graduated from the Business Academy. She worked for big corporate companies as well as for smaller Czech companies so far.

She is experienced in working with children with special educational needs children and she is also a graduate of a course for teaching assistants. In this work, she finds meaning of life. She believes that this is the right support and approach that can positively shape children from an early age. At the same time, she knows that mutual communication and cooperation between school parent and child must work.

She likes to spend her free time with her family. She likes playing sports, walking in nature or traveling.

Barbora Yeová
Teaching Assistant

Bára comes from Benátky nad Jizerou, from where she moved to Prague while studying at a Gymnasium. After graduating, she began working in social services, where she gained a lot of valuable experience, which she now applies to learning with children. Through non-profit organizations, she enjoys going on social-therapeutic stays with children from children's homes and also regularly contacts children in foster care and provides regular support to both them and foster parents.

She likes team sports, going out in nature and in her free time she enjoys studying in the field of psychology and anthropology.

Klára Plecháčková
Teaching Assistant

Klára was born in Frýdek-Místek. After successfully graduating from the University of Ostrava in a social working field, she moved to Prague.

She is experienced in childcare all the way from babysitting to street social work. She also has a daughter who teaches her to understand the world of children. Klára is going to continue to further her studies within the field of pedagogy because becoming a teacher is her dream. She likes to spend her free time with family and friends, walking in nature, traveling, cooking vegan foods (she is not vegan :) and practicing yogalife - happylife.

Nikola Žamberská
Afternoon Club

Nikola Žamberská comes from České Budějovice. She graduated from the Secondary Pedagogical School in Prachatice, then joined the Faculty of Education in the University of South Bohemia with a focus on natural science and history for the second grade in elementary schools. The study had to be interrupted due to illness. Now she is finishing her studies online from the theological faculty in České Budějovice.


Nikola always knew that working with children is an area that she enjoys and fulfills her life's purpose. From the age of 15, she has been driven and became the head of children's camps; after her break from school, she started working in a private kindergarten. Later, she joined the elementary school in České Budějovice, where she worked for two years as a student and assistant teacher. She also had creative afternoon groups and activities.

She feels children always give their whole hearts. When working with her colleagues, she prefers courtesy and good behavior, when trying to build friendly working relationships. She teaches children the rule: "Do to others what you want others to do to you."

She hopes that the experience gained from both her schooling and work experience will be used to improve the performance of the Wonderland Academy.

Jason Susim
Afternoon Club

Jason Susim grew up in southern California and graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communication Studies from Portland State University in the state of Oregon. Following university, Jason wrote for various online news organizations as a reporter. He also dreamed of living and working in Europe and wanted to become a teacher. He earned his TEFL certificate in order to work with both children and adult learners.

He is an insatiable reader and also enjoys photography, live music, basketball, motorcycles, travel, and learning to play guitar. He loves animals and currently has his hands full fostering a 17-year-old German Shepard.

Moises Torres
Afternoon Club

A New York native, Moises Torres has nearly 10 years of experience as an activity leader, mentor, and social work. He graduated from Mercy College having studied behavioral science. Before moving to Prague recently, he worked at a non-profit in New York City. Where he also attended as a young boy, during his participation within the program he was able to learn to contribute to his neighborhood and helping others in need. Also, the ability to work effectively with children of all ages inspiring them to take on new challenges.

One of the biggest challenges he overcame was learning how to code and teaching participants the same skill. Moises coached participants and they were able to reach the New York State Lego Robotics championships 3 years in a row. During the previous summers, he worked at a sleep-away camp as a counselor. Before the pandemic, he chaperoned a service trip to the Dominican Republic with campers training to be counselors.

In his free time, he is very passionate about playing sports, films, traveling, outdoors, e-sports, trying new foods.

John Foster
Afternoon Club

John hails from the city of Durham in the North of England. He graduated from the University of Liverpool With a degree in Politics and Philosophy. He moved to Prague six years ago and immediately began working with children. John likes to think he has a great sense of humour and likes to try and tell jokes. When John was at school, he used to mostly enjoy computer science, drama and law. He enjoyed the problem solving of programming, the rigidity and structure of law and the creativity of drama. To this day John still takes an active interest in all three subjects!

In his spare time John enjoys hiking, running and recording music, he is mostly proficient at piano and guitar, whilst being not so proficient at singing! He enjoys the process of writing music, lyrics and the recording process. Whilst enjoying the beneficial holiday time of teachers he enjoys road trips with his friends; the last one being a three-week adventure through the Balkan states.

Before becoming a teacher, John has worked has as a barman, a door supervisor, a support worker for adults with special needs and a cafe manager!

Lukáš Konfršt
Afternoon Club

Lukáš Konfršt was born and has been living in Prague his whole life. He studied civil engineering at high school but decided to change focus and go study pedagogy at Ústí nad Labem University where he studied teaching English in a bachelor programme and continued to graduate in the subsequent master’s programme earning himself a Master degree in English Language Teaching. Before finishing his degreed he had already started teaching at an elementary school where he taught at a primary school the first year and has since then been teaching across the primary and secondary spectrum.

In Wonderland Academy Lukáš is going to apply his experience working with children as one of the Afternoon Club staff. Lukáš likes working in a bilingual environment where as a native Czech speaker and a teacher of English he can develop children’s communicative competences in both languages.

In his free time, of which there isn’t much now, Lukáš likes to play table tennis or watch educational programmes on science, technology and psychology. Least but not last Lukáš is interested in ICT and in ways to implement technology in its ability to enhance education, work and life in general.

Petr Kubín
Piano and Guitar Teacher

Petr Kubín is a pianist, guitarist and trombone player. He is a graduate of the Jan Deyl Conservatory in Prague. He has been teaching guitar and piano privately for three years. He has now enriched the Wonderland Academy team and become a music teacher.

Music is his work and hobby, among other things he plays in several bands.

Lukáš Pařík
Music and Piano Teacher

Lukáš Pařík is a singer, composer and actor. He perfected his voice at the International Conservatory and completes the study of film and pop music composition at the Prague Conservatory. He is the author of many songs and rock fantasy musical Kings of Avalon in the Prague Theatre Hybernia, played in the season 2015/2016.

I was dedicated to learning since I was 16 years old and from the year 2017 organizes public performances of the students.

His main principles include efforts to develop children's creativity and imagination. Wonderland is a lecturer in the Academy of singing, piano and guitar.

Tereza Macurová
School Psychologist

Tereza Macurová is a Psychology graduate from Palacký University Olomouc. Tereza has worked with children since her studies, in groups for autistic children and as an educational LARP programmes trainer. Later on she gained valuable experience while working at crisis hotline for children. Currently, she has been working at Wonderland Preschool for a year now. In her range of expertise, you could find digital environment, social network sites, creativity, and resilience.


When working with children, she enjoys creativity and flexibility of children minds the most. She believes that every child has the capacity of enriching the world and that´s what led her to Wonderland, where she wishes to help making that come true.

In her free time, she enjoys culture, design, her tiny little dog and visits to her homeland of Silesia. As a passionate reader, she enjoys Russian classics, asian contemporary and praguer telltales. Beside reading, she´s also an active writer. She has undergone the Integrative coaching programme and plans on furthering her professional education even more.

Lucie Chladilová
Office Manager

Lucie Chladilová graduated from the secondary school of agriculture in Vyškov. After this, she worked in various administrative jobs. For example, she worked as the assistant to the Chairman of STROJEXPORT a.s. She would now like to apply her experience to the economic management of schools. As a mother herself of three children, she has a very positive attitude towards children. In her spare time with her family, she enjoys visiting the countryside and occasionally sports.

Kristýna Anýžová
Office Assistant

Marta Mikulecká

Marta Mikulecká graduated from the University of Economics in Prague and obtained an engineering degree in the field of National Economy. During her studies, she experienced work abroad. She spent one year in London and spent several months on Long Island in New York.

After graduating from the University of Economics, she decided to focus on accounting and tax issues. She worked in a foreign company in the position of accountant / payroll accountant and then joined as a chief economist in an organization focused on providing health services.

She is happy to be part of the Wonderland team now and to help the school with economics and accounting.

Vladimír Bezkočka
Technical Worker

Vladimír graduated in electromechanics. He worked in related technical fields, but also as an insulator or painter and varnisher. In 2010, he decided to return to school and graduate. After successfully completing the Business field, he worked as an air conditioning technician. He completed several extension courses in this area and became a certified technician of the Ministry of the Environment. The big turning point for him was the acquisition of an older family house, where he discovered a passion for “Do it yourself work” and garden work. Here he is constantly expanding his knowledge in other craft fields.

He prefers to spend his free time with his family in the cottage and takes care of the inherited house. He likes Marvelos, family trips and mushroom picking.

At Wonderland academy, he appreciates the kind family atmosphere and the opportunity to combine his do-it-yourself hobby with work.

Petr Vodenka
School Driver

Petr is a very important part of the Wonderland Academy team. He always enjoyed working with wood. After graduating as a carpenter, he devoted himself intensively to this craft and also passed on his experience to young people as a master of professional training. Now he has decided to use his skill to help our school with all the technical problems.

He is the father of two children, with whom he spends almost all his free time. In his free time, he plays various musical instruments. He loves the guitar, banjo, accordion and is learning to play the violin.

Jiří Plíva
School Driver

Jiří Plíva is in charge of technical support for Wonderland schools, in which he applies his many years’ experience of such work. He has previously worked as a locksmith, maintenance man, flight instrument mechanic, and a plumber. He now also works as our school minibus driver. With his positive and friendly attitude, he enriches the children's everyday life.

He has always been very fond of sport. For many years he devoted himself to judo, in which he reached the 3rd dan. His greatest hobby, however, is collecting and repairing antique clocks.

Josef Račák
School Driver

Josef Račák graduated from agricultural high school which helped him improve and strengthen his manual skills in many ways. He has gained many interesting working experiences. Among others, he worked in Mlékárna Kunín where he led department of "Milk distribution to schools" and thanks to that he got to know the school environment much deeper. That is why he decided to utilize his driving experience in WA.

Josef is a great help for our WA team during morning and afternoon transportation of pupils. He appreciates especially the overall tranquil atmosphere that prevails at the school.

Kateřina Steinbachová
Canteen Manager

Kateřina graduated from the Secondary School of Clothing design and then she studied at the Business Academy. She suits her job positions in which she can deal with people, so she looks forward to the Wonderland Academy team every day.

She has got two daughters with whom she is definitely never get bored. The younger one plays the piano, and thus inspired Kateřina herself, who also began playing. Kateřina doesn't even lag behind in sports, she also enjoys traveling and other hobbies, for example sewing and gardening.