Our team

Enthusiasts and professionals in one person

The international teaching team at Wonderland Academy is a mosaic of inspiring, creative, and open-minded individuals who have a common goal, that is - a family school with a strong emphasis not only on effective education of children, but also their upbringing and all-round development in a friendly and stimulating environment.

Our team


Pavla Hajian

Founder ZŠ Wonderland Academy

Jan Voda

Director ZŠ Wonderland Academy

Klára Kosová

Deputy Director for Administration, Class Teacher 6 th grade

Šárka Ochmanová

Deputy Director, Class Teacher 1st A grade


Ludmila Roušarová

Class Teacher 1st B grade

Irena Havlíčková

Class Teacher 2nd A grade, German Teacher

Zuzana Faldýnová

Class Teacher 2nd B grade

Eva Vášová

Class Teacher 3rd A grade

Daniela Růžičková

Class Teacher 3rd B grade

Martina Livorová

Class Teacher 4th grade

Petr Bendl

Class Teacher 5th grade

Nicholas Jared Neild

English Teacher

Thurston Leeds

English Teacher

Stephanie Knight

English Teacher, Head of Art

Breanna Kato

English Teacher

Markéta Malinová

Spanish Teacher

Nikki Park

English Teacher

Christopher Tricsli

English Teacher

Barbora Bažilová

Class 6, Math, Physics

Marek Lansdorf

Class 6, Biology

Lýdia Timková

Class 6, PE Teacher

Olga Doubravová

Class 6, History, Afternoon Club

Zita Šťástková

Head of Afternoon Club

Nikola Žamberská

Afternoon Club

Aneta Rolcová

Afternoon Club

Jan Kubín

Piano and Guitar Teacher

Lukáš Pařík

Piano and Guitar Teacher

Kateřina Stočesová

School Coordinator


Michaela Kvasničková

School Psychologist

Dominika Kiene

Speech-language Therapist

Alena Kozlerová

Special Educational Needs Teacher

Kateřina Židů

Care for talented children

Economic section and administration

Lucie Chladilová

Office Manager

Marta Mikulecká


Building operation

Michal Čížek

School Driver

Jiří Plíva

School Driver

Josef Račák

School Driver

Lucie Podraská

Canteen Manager

Would you like to join us?

If interested in becoming a member of the Wonderland Academy team, please send your CV and covering letter to voda@wonderlandacademy.cz.