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Jitka K.
Jitka K.Parent
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“We are all excited about your preschool; we couldn’t even imagine it could be so wonderful. All the people who work in Hrncire are bursting with positive energy. You can see how happy they are with the children, and we also always leave there full of positive energy. We are glad that we discovered you and had the opportunity to send Natalka there at least for this short time. We will certainly bring Martinek to you as well, so we won’t be saying goodbye for long.”
Dušan a Karola Š.
Dušan a Karola Š.Parents
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We just wanted to say once again THANK YOU SO MUCH to whole Wonderland Family and to everybody who worked with little Duky. We are really thankful that he was a part of a great wonderland project.,he had an amazing time with you and he is missing you already. We are really sad that we have to leave but there are many new challenges in front of us and above all in front of Duky. Hope you all are doing good and hope we see us sometimes in the future. Be sure that everybody in Salzburg is going to know how perfect wonderland is. Take care Dusan and Carola
Hana a Rico D.
Hana a Rico D.Parents
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Thank you for the perfect service, we parents and our Klaudinka are very, very satisfied at your preschool :o)
Alena a Lukáš L.
Alena a Lukáš L.Parents
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Thank you very much for the wonderful preschool and the attitude of all the teachers! Thank you, have a wonderful time. We look forward to seeing you soon. Lambertovi.
Monika Crhová
Monika CrhováTeacher
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“Wonderland Preschool is completely unique in its family character. Children are cared for with love and understanding of their individual needs. Every day at the Wonderland school is full of children’s laughter and bright eyes. Thanks to a calm and friendly environment, children can fully develop in all areas of their personality. The diverse and colorful program helps them to develop their knowledge and skills so that they don’t even realize that they are communicating in English the whole time. For them, English thus becomes a completely normal part of everyday life. The proof that speaks for everything is the children returning to the school to see their friends and teachers even after the end of their attendance. Warm relationships built not only between children and their teachers, but also between teachers and parents, can be seen and felt here at first glance. All this together creates the unique atmosphere and environment for which I will always fondly remember the Wonderland School.”
Martina V.
Martina V.Parent
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Today I found a photo from preschool on my phone and it brought back memories. It was 2 years ago, Filipek as a fresh two-year-old and his 1st day in preschool. We chose your school, Wonderland, and Filip still fondly remembers his first lovely teacher, Terezka, whom he greets warmly.
Adriana H.
Adriana H.Parent
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Good day, we would like to thank you for your care of our Tobik and all the children in general.
Zuzana J.
Zuzana J.Parent
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“We want to thank you very much for the time and effort you have devoted to preparing such an extensive document. At the same time, we greatly appreciate everything you do for Liluska and the other children, we are extremely happy to see how much she likes and is happy in preschool. The photos you send of the kids making something are awesome. You can see how focused she is and how much she enjoys doing such important tasks. And the ideas of making all kinds of animals out of paper plates or pasta are amazing. It is great that we can at least be a part of LIluscina’s life in preschool through photos. It really means a lot to us. We thank the entire preschool team and wish many children were happy as our Liluska.”
Petra H.
Petra H.Parent
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“We love our preschool. Our children love the school, and we love it, too. There is a great atmosphere and wonderful facilities for children (a big plus is its own large garden). Truly there is an individual approach to each child. We are not looking for reasons why something is not possible, but ways to make every wish come true. Another big plus is a stable pedagogical team that creates a varied program for children in Czech and English. Each class has at least two teachers, and one of them is a native English speaker. In this way, children learn a foreign language from an early age. I also really appreciate the follow-up Wonderland Academy. But the most important thing- our children are happy here and consider their teachers as family.”
Monika a Bernard
Monika a BernardParent
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Dobrý den, Mnohokrát děkuji za srdečnou péči, kterou jste mému synovi poskytli. Berny vždy chodil do školky rád. Hned po příchodu do školky si s ním paní učitelky povídaly. Myslím, že to v něm vzbuzovalo pocit důležitosti, rovnosti, respektu a přátelství. Ve školce si hned našel spousty kamarádů a přiučil se mnoha věcem. Ve školce se naučil trpělivosti, správnému stolování, a nabral hodně nových vědomostí. Moc děkuji za to ,že jste k Bernymu vždy byli milí, laskaví, věnovali mu pozornost a dávali důležitost i ho naučili novým věcem. Tanec Chňapíka krokodýla tancuje doma každý den i s vyrobeným krokodýlem na krku. Moc jsem také ocenila, že děti učíte spravné hygieně a že si děti ve školce čistily zuby i pravidelně cvičily. Moc se mi líbilo, že se všichny děti ve školce k sobě chovaly moc hezky. Každý den jsem se radovala z fotek Bernyho při školkových aktivitách! Na konci školkové docházky oceňuji desky s výtvarnými výtvory, fotky a také feedback o rozvoji Bernyho. Myslím, že při výběru školky jsme vybrali tu nejlepší - tu Vaší! Ještě jednou mnohokrát děkuji a přeji školce a všem učitelkám i dětem to nejlepší a spousty šťastných dalších let.


Se srdečným pozdravem Monika a Bernard

Inspection report

In the autumn of 2019 we passed the CSI inspection very successfully. All three branches were scrutinized, and our approach appealed to the inspectors so much that they described us in their report as an example of good practice, something that just does not happen very often to the preschool, let alone a private one.

What they wrote about us

The idea for the business came from the parents. So she opened her own school.

Even as a little girl, she was clear. She wanted to be a flight attendant and a preschool teacher. She tried both jobs, even opened her own preschool. Eventually, the parents of the preschoolers encouraged her to start an elementary school as well.

Šeberov Newsletter

We have been featured in the Šeberov Newsletter several times. The issues in which you can find us can be found below.