How to apply

How to join us

If you are interested to learn more about our school but don’t wish to attend an Open Day, it is possible to arrange an individual appointment so you can visit the school and see a lesson. More

In this case, please complete the application form below or contact the School Director Jan Voda at

We offer potential pupils to attend a day of lessons so they can have a firsthand experience of the school. Following this there is an aptitude test.

Open Day

During this day you will have the opportunity to see the school, visit the classes, and of course, talk to the school management.

Information about entrance interviews 2020

Entrance interviews for the school year 2020/2021 take place on April 3rd.

The assessment consists of activities which evaluate some fundamental skills necessary to commence formal education:

  • active articulation and language formulation
  • auditory speech perception
  • visual distinction of shapes and visual memory
  • imitation of handwriting
  • basic physical fitness
  • working with numbers and the simplest mathematical operation
  • social maturity

It is not a difficult test, but consists of age-appropriate games and activities similar to tasks that they will do at school in the future.


How is the Assessment organized? The program for the future first graders will start with some time for playing and acclimatization followed by group activities. Next will be individual work which consist of:

1. work with the teacher of the first grade

2. work with the special education teacher

3. work with native speakers

Results of the assessment are usually sent within 14 days, parents will receive a formal written statement and an e-mail.

Tuition and payment options

Tuition fees can be paid monthly, every six months or yearly. For the longer terms we offer a discount. The price includes some special events.


This non-binding application relates not only to the future first class. You can also apply to join existing classes. 
After you have sent the completed form we will contact you and send you details about the assessment and an invitation to visit the school.