Charity, certificates and cooperation


Letter from Diakonie

In January 2016 cooperation started between Diakonie CCE - SKP Prague and the primary school Wonderland Academy .

The school, in collaboration with children and their parents, organized an amazing collection of clothing, gifts and other supplies that moms need for their children in our shelter. Some items from the collection, especially visual aids, were also used by parents and children in the Robinson Club, which is attended by children from underprivileged families.

The children in our shelter are very pleased with the birthday presents, because in this way their secret desires were fulfilled. Gifts, bought by the parents of Wonderland Academy, brought great joy to all the recipients who, because of the difficult situation of their families, sometimes do not much reason to smile.

Autumn Heart-shaped Days 2016

In the very first month of the school year 2016/2017 we held a Charity Week. In each class there was a discussion about the meaning of charity events and the help and support that we can provide. Together we collected 2.165Kč to help children with serious diseases.

Button Days

The second week in September 2016 was in the spirit of charity. Pupils had the opportunity to purchase buttons to help both children and adults in difficult situations. Buttons are of two types, some can be clipped, others must be sewn. Children were mainly interested in the clip buttons that pupils could immediately proudly pin on the lapel of his school jacket.

Life for Children

In the school year 2015/2016 the school participated in Spring Heart-shaped Days. Pupils bought magnets, bracelets and rulers to help children with serious diseases.

In total we collected 3,050 CZK. As a result we received a beautiful souvenir sheet. Each class read it with their class teacher and put it on display. It was amazing to see how children are proud of themselves that could be of help to others.

Certificates and cooperation

Parents are welcomed

We have achieved the criteria for the school certification “Parents are welcomed”. It's not just on paper, parents can really become part of any lesson.

Start together

In August 2016 we were officially accredited by the training program Start Together. However we have unofficially taught in this way ever since the school opened. Letter practice during morning circle time and working in centers are among our regular activities.

Partner school Fraus

Since September 2016 we have taught almost all subjects with textbooks from Fraus, and we earned the title of Partner School of Fraus Publishing.

Fraus publishing house is the largest textbook publisher in the Czech Republic. It is also one of the biggest promoters of interactive teaching and introduction of new teaching methods into Czech schools. The textbooks are complemented by well-made electronic textbooks that can be projected on the interactive whiteboard and offers various multimedia activities. With the partnership our school receives various benefits, such as getting samples of new textbooks for free, professional consultation with Fraus experts right in our school, education seminars for teachers, competitions with valuable prizes, the free loan of textbooks and much more.

Supported by the CEZ Foundation - Orange Multipurpose Playground

In the school year 2016/2017 we are working on construction of a new multipurpose playground, which will be built on the premises of a school garden. The playground will benefit students in physical education classes, in the afternoon clubs and activities. It will also be available to the general public. The implementation of the project is supported by ČEZ Foundation.