Wonderland Academy - a second home for your children

Wonderland Academy is a private language-focused primary school which features bilingual Czech/English teaching in core subjects as well as communicative English language lessons. From the second grade there is the choice of additional language lessons in either Spanish or German. The educational programme is suitable for both pupils with previous knowledge of the English language, as well as those who do not speak English yet.

Wonderland Academy is a school that prides itself on friendliness, friendly relations between staff and children and a safe environment. The small number of children in classes not only allows for an individual approach to each student, but also contributes to the family atmosphere that prevails in the school.

A unique educational program

The original concept of educational in Wonderland Academy consists of the simultaneous Czech-English teaching of most subjects. There are usually two teachers present in a classroom, a Czech and a native speaker who take turns in leading the lesson. That’s how our school creates a natural bilingual environment in which children are able to easily acquire the skill known as code-switching, i.e. switching from one language to another.

Wonderland Academy is the only school in the Czech Republic, in which is code-switching the fundamental pillar of language teaching.

We combine both classic and modern teaching methods

In Wonderland Academy we focus on combining the latest educational principles, including critical thinking, Step by Step, and others. We know that every child is different, so we choose an individual approach. We use insights from MBTI personality testing to give us a deeper understanding of each child's personality type and their approaches to learning. This helps the teacher to reveal the individual educational needs of the student.

Knowledge, creativity, fun and inspiration

Modern and safe environment

In Wonderland Academy children have space for the development of mind and body. They learn in comfortably furnished classrooms. There is a library and reading room, playrooms, a school garden, a newly built gymnastic hall and an outdoor sports ground. By the end of 2016, there will be an outdoor "green" classroom and a sports field. Lunch and snacks are served in our spacious dining room.

Healthy eating

The way to a someone's heart is through their stomach… this applies to school as well :-) Starting with the morning snack, to lunch, and then the afternoon snack, at Wonderland Academy we strive to provide a varied and balanced diet that meets the modern requirements for children’s food. Of course, we encourage the children to drink regularly too. We cooperate with the Czech company Bionea, who source ingredients as much as possible from local organic suppliers. They also can provide school snacks should parents not wish to make these at home. Special dietary requirements are no problem. For example, Bionea is able to prepare meals without gluten, eggs or dairy products.

You can have a first hand experience of the school.

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