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Enrollment in Preschool

Dear Parents,
We invite you to enroll your children in our preschools.

During the enrollment process, the legal guardians sign the Application for Admission of the child for the preschool. They also hand in a certificate from the pediatrician stating that the child has been properly vaccinated and is eligible for admission to preschool.

The preschool can only admit a child who has undergone the prescribed regular vaccinations (according to the Czech Vaccination Calendar), has proof that they are immune to the disease or cannot undergo vaccination due to a permanent contraindication. The legal guardians shall, at the same time, prove their identity with an ID card or passport.

Within 14 days of signing the application, the director of the preschool issues the legal guardian with a decision on the child's admission to pre-school education. At the same time, a contract is signed between the preschool and the child's legal guardian, in which the legal guardian undertakes to pay the fee of one month's tuition.

We look forward to meeting you.
Wonderland team

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